Tobias Noller

Realtime VFX Artist

Demo Reel – Bleeding Edge – 2020

This is a collection of the work I’ve done at Ninja Theory from 2017-2020 for the game Bleeding Edge. I was responsible for nearly all the character effects (except for Mekko) and a lot of other vfx like status effects, respawn effects, post process effects etc.

I’ve also created most of the high-res vfx for our BE trailers, but unfortunately didn’t have the time to put another reel thogether. I’ll just link to the trailers:…

Thanks to Ninja Theory for giving us the chance to work on such an interesting project! Thanks to the entire BE team, you guys are awesome! Especially the people I’ve worked so closely together with on all the characters – Rahni, Aaaron, Warwick, Luke, Bao, Niels, Ali, Stefano, Daniele, Adam.

Very special thanks to David for creating the sick track used in my reel! Check out his website, David is an incredible composer!

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